The company has various storage areas for storage and handling of goods:

    1. Vyborgsky district of the Leningrad region (less than 1 km to the Russian-Finnish border):

  • 1000 m2 of warm warehouses,
  • 2000 m2 cold storage;

    There is an overpass, there are also convenient entrances.

    Most often they are used for transshipment of goods to Finnish consumers.

    2. St. Petersburg:

  • 500m2 of modern warehouse space;

    The advantage is its location, north of the city, and also convenient access to the ring road.

    Acquisition of wholesale and small-scale wholesale lots, including containers.

    3. Design of a pellet transshipment terminal in the port of Vyborg:

  • With a capacity of 25,000 tons per month;

    There is a silo and warehouse storage, a quay wall, a railway dead end.