Information about production and about pellets.

    The company has its own production facilities in the Tver and Leningrad regions.

    The total volume of products manufactured is 800 tons per month.

    For uninterrupted supplies for the needs of large consumers of pellets, the company purchases products from 10 partner suppliers, with whom they have long-term partnerships.

    The total production volume is over 12,000 tons of pellets per month.

    The TERCON group is currently undergoing an audit to obtain an FSC certificate.

    Wood pellets – pellets

    Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly type of fuel that is obtained from the waste of the woodworking industry. Pellets are the highest quality and most common type of fuel.

    Delivery / shipment to the warehouse: road transport, railway transportation (covered wagons, containers 20/40 feet)

    Input packaging: MKR 500-1300 kg, packages 15-35 kg (on pallets and without)

    Geography of purchases:

    Republics of Komi and Karelia, Kirov, Vologda, Sverdlovsk, Novgorod, Tver regions.

    We work with more than 30 factories in Russia, we have a positive reputation as a buyer.

    The company plans to build a pellet plant in the city of Pudozh, the Republic of Karelia, the group plans to launch another 1 production in Komi.

    The main delivery of goods to transshipment points occurs by rail (direct contracts with FGK, other carriers and car owners, we have our own railway terminals in the regions), we ourselves are a shipper / consignee, we have extensive experience in railway logistics.

Let’s make a comparison

    This graph shows that pellets are almost an ideal fuel when looking at the most important details, such as: calorific value, percentage of sulfur emissions from fuel combustion, percentage of ash, as well as carbon dioxide emissions.

    In this graph, a comparison is made in terms of efficiency (efficiency).

As you can see, knowing all the data, the conclusion is unambiguous – Pellets are your choice!