Our deliveries to Europe

    We work with more than 30 factories in Russia and have a positive reputation as a buyer and a seller.
    We supply both across Russia and the EU.
    Finland – retail chains (Puuilo), small wholesale deliveries by road. There are plans to open a full-fledged DC in the city of Kotka.
    Sweden – we open a joint venture with a Swedish company, a bioethanol producer and a biomass supplier for CHP plants.
    England – container deliveries of pellets in buyer’s packaging (final product), direct deliveries to retail outlets.
    Denmark – bulk consignments of pellets from the port of Ust-Luga (2500-3500 tons per month).
    Estonia – regular auto deliveries of pellets
    Germany – supplies for the needs of GermanPellets, joint certification projects with DIN CERTCO
    The total volume of deliveries under contracts is not less than 1000 tons per month, we transship through the port of Ust-Luga, St. Petersburg.

Fuel is supplied:

Domestic market

 Cost of delivery:

Unfortunately, due to the different volumes and the huge opportunity for the delivery of goods, the cost must be found out for each specific case.