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       LLC “TSK Osnova” was founded in 2020 to expand the geography of the TERCON group. As always, we base our position on the high quality of goods and relationships. We are responsible for quality, which is expressed in the support of our partners.

Main activities:


We are engaged in a full cycle, procurement, production and export. Our products and services are always of high quality.


Complex supplies of environmentally friendly energy carriers, wholesale and retail trade.


Warehouse cargo handling, including packing, marking.


Creation of an international certification center.

The science

Research work in the field of solid fuel application.


Foreign economic activity consulting, customs clearance.

The advantage of pellets

    This graph shows that pellets are almost an ideal fuel when looking at the most important details, such as: calorific value, percentage of sulfur emissions from fuel combustion, percentage of ash, as well as carbon dioxide emissions.

  In this graph, a comparison is made in terms of efficiency (efficiency).

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